We are a small, independent brand who do our best to minimise our eco-footprint. The natural world needs help and protection - as do the billions of humans, animals and wildlife who call it home. 

Here are some of the steps we take in our consideration of the environment, our production workers and the materials we use:

  • We manufacture all garments within the UK - ensuring we can conduct factory visits and observe working conditions to be fair and safe.
  • We design with high-quality, long-lasting, durable fabrics that retain their shape and vitality year after year. 
  • We order small productions and only re-order when our stock has run out, avoiding over-production and waste.
  • We use recyclable packaging to minimise needless waste.
  • Our garments are priced to reflect the quality of our luxury fabrics and the expertise of our garment workers. Therefore we do not place items in end-of-line sales. We very occasionally offer exclusive flash sales or discount codes with small percentages off, as a thank you to our clients, but we believe in suitable, fair pricing for the work and quality of our garments. This ensures fair pay and quality control in our production.
  • Our designs are classic, timeless and not trend-based. We know your Hadley Smythe garment will become a wardrobe staple and be treasured forever.

For more information about our ethical approach, please contact