• House of Flowers

    "How do you feel if you're in love? feel as though pepper has been sprinkled on your heart, as though tiny fish are swimming in your veins." Our House of Flowers collection embodies luxury and beauty. Our bodywear pieces are designed much like our swimwear to make the wearer feel beautif... View Post
  • This Side of Paradise Collection

    "I knew you'd come tonight," she said softly, "like summer, just when I needed you most..."    We are very excited to present our new season swimwear! We hope this season our gorgeous new styles will accompany you on many summer adventures and help make your dream holidays feel ... View Post
  • New Bodywear Collection: Tropic of Cancer

    This season's bodywear collection is named after one of my favourite novels, Tropic of Cancer. Written by Henry Miller and originally published in 1934 the story explores his experience living among a community of bohemians in Paris. Combining autobiography and fiction Miller writes about his Par... View Post
  • New Swimwear Collection: Bonjour Tristesse

           New Season Swimwear In this summer collection we are excited to introduce magical new shapes and some ultimate holiday must-haves. We continue to concentrate on developing ultra-feminine designs that shape the body, creating a breathtaking silhouette. Our new styles feature some return fa... View Post
  • In Love With Satin and Lace

    Autumn is a season of romance and sensuality. Lace, satin and silk are granted a fresh lease of life as temperatures fall. And October also hosts Halloween - in which our most dramatic and extravagant of personas can take hold. Carmen, Veronica, Rita or Claudette, our four bodywear styles, have b... View Post
  • An Interview with Vanessa Frankenstein & Mia Scarcello

    Model and muse Vanessa Frankenstein and photographer Mia Scarcello are frequent collaborators; creating filmic, sensual portraits that evoke a pleasing interflow of playfulness, adventure and mystery. In these photo series, three Hadley Smythe designs are featured: the Sweetpea swimsuit, the Tuli... View Post
  • A Vision in Polaroid: Shelbie Dimond for Hadley Smythe

    Polaroid series by photographer Shelbie Dimond, shot in Naxos, Greece Featuring the Fleur bikini by Hadley Smythe All images Shelbie Dimond         View Post
  • Meet The Designer

    Read our interview with Hadley Smythe - discussing her creative process, ethical approach to fashion and the ideas behind our luxury swimwear, lingerie and bodywear brand. View Post


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