Welcome to the beautiful, sensual world of Hadley Smythe.


We specialise in ultra-feminine designs that shape the body, creating a breathtaking silhouette. Crafted from the highest quality fabrics that feel soft, elegant and luxurious against the skin, our ethos is to celebrate sensuality and explore the inner worlds of desire, creativity and adventure.


Founded as a swimwear brand, we have since expanded into bodywear and made-to-order womenswear. Our inspirations are not just aesthetic - they are sparked by the simple pleasures in life; a quote from a book, a scene in a film, an exotic flavour, the scent of summer blooms, the feeling of a kiss. We believe joy in life starts with its small, sensual details.


Our luxury fabrics are sourced in France. We are proud to design and produce ethically in the UK.


Hadley Smythe is a self-taught designer from London. Read more about Hadley in our Interview with the Designer.